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Puri Bhaji Recipe

The scrumptious dish Puri Bhaji is the best combo of flavored potato (aloo) bhaji with hot, puffy puris. It is easy to make and serve for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The tasty Indian deep-fried soft & puffy puri is typically made with wheat flour and salt; however, people can alter the ingredients as per their needs. Whereas the bhaji is called batata bhaji or aloo bhaji. It is mild, lightly spiced, and flavored with ginger and curry leaves. Lemon juice and fresh cilantro (coriander leaves) add some zing to the bhaji. In short, it is mild in taste yet very delicious and flavorful. To make this recipe, you basically have all the ingredients at home, and you only need Tirumalla Refined Soyabean Oil to add more puffiness to puri and enhance the flavor of bhaji. So don’t wait anymore; cook puri bhaji in our Soyabean oil and enjoy a flavorful meal with everyone.
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