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Kolhapuri Style Misal Pav

Misal pav is one of the most popular Maharashtrian dishes and is a delicious combination of savory foods and sprouts, which is served with pav (buns)! Wholesome and tasty sprouts and moong are boiled and added to the special coconut-onion-based misal masala. Chivda, potatoes, and other suitable ingredients are also added to this wholesome, delicious dish to bring different flavors. There are many variations of Misal Pav; however, Kolhapuri Style Misal Pav is liked by many people. To make this hot, spicy dish and to bring a blast of flavors, you need to use Tirumalla Refined Soyabean Oil. Moreover, the best thing about Misal pav is that you can have it for breakfast, supper, or any other time you like. So prepare to cook this hot, spicy, and flavourful side with Tirumalla Refined Soyabean Oil. Also, stay tuned for more heavenly delicious, and yummier recipes.